John Kurpinski 2014 meeting update

Andy and I will still be roasting the unsuspecting nominee’s along with each other. SCTE had given us the room last year and we had enough sponsors to cover the drinks and food with money left over to put in our LO-704 kitty. Those funds are going to cover the cost of the new/old pins, and our tee-shirts for this year. We intend to donate all the proceeds for the shirt sale to the Cable Center. The center is hosting the LO 704 meeting 100 percent this year at the Center. It’s only proper to help them defray the costs.


As far as the donated meters or items are concerned, we would most likely get more for them in the auction at the meeting. The simplest way would be to send the meters to the Cable Center for the meeting, and then the proceeds can be donated to the Cable Center or SCTE in the gentleman’s name.


Get your T-Shirts here for $27.04 in the membership section.


2014 front proof2014 Shirt Back Proof 1

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