Membership in The Loyal Order

Membership in the Loyal Order is upon nomination by a current member, usually someone who knows you, or is afraid of you.Generally, the qualifications are 30+ years in cable system tech side ops, the ability to tell great lies about how your (alleged) use of a 704 saved this or that from nuclear destruction or other substantial embarrassment, and the strong desire to wear a Pink Flamingo cap and kiss Pinky (er, somewhere on Pinky’s body) at the induction ceremony. A stiff drink helps.You must personally appear at the SCTE Expo meeting of the 704s each year, first to be inducted, then to stay a current member. Members who don’t show up without Pinky’s prior-permission are also subject to being forced to use a FSM from a different manufacturer.Each member is expected (but not required) to donate $704 to the new Cable Center in Denver (the first donation is $100, with the rest spread out over 5 years). The Loyal Order is the sponsor of the freight elevator shaft at the Cable Center, hence the name of the campaign: “We gave ‘um the shaft.”Ownership of a 704 (or a 704A or 704B) isn’t required, but can’t hurt!

The Loyal Order of the 704 is an organization established within
The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (the SCTE).

One of the elements required for membership
in the Loyal Order is present membership in the SCTE.

Membership and participation in the SCTE is a key mark of
a cable television technology professional.
If you’re not already a member, please join the SCTE today.

Please visit the SCTE home page. .

That’s about it… Still interested? Check the membership page and see who you know, or who might be afraid of you.