2022 LO704 Reception

Pinky will be at the SCTE Expo and needs to see all the members at the meeting scheduled Wednesday Sept 21th 8PM – 10PM at the Marriot Hotel. Pinky is feeling really lonely, unloved and needs to see your smiling face. It’s time to visit the show; reconnect with colleagues, friends and have a few laughs. Please call a vendor or buy a T-Shirt to Help Pinky get sponsors for the meeting. Email us at: membership@loyalorderofthe704.org so we can verify your name is in our data base, take an order for a T-Shirt or sign you up as a sponsor. 
Membership in the Loyal Order is upon nomination by current member, usually someone who knows you, holds a grudge against you, or is afraid of you. The qualifications are 30+ years in the Cable System Business. Extreme Preference is given to Technical Operations, Engineering and/or the ability to tell great lies about how your actual or (alleged) use of a Jerrold 704 meter saved this or that from Nuclear Destruction, Asteroid Collision, Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake in Napa Valley, or other substantial embarrassment, and the strong desire to wear a Pink Flamingo Cap and kiss Pinky somewhere on Pinky’s body at the induction ceremony. #engineering #help #2022Expo


Loyal Order of the 704 Coat of Arms

Loyal Order of the 704
2022 Reception Sponsorship
Company _________________________________________________
City _____________________State__________ Zip________________
Phone____________________ E-mail___________________________
Please indicate your level of sponsorship below and remit payment with this form to:
The Cable Center
LO 704 Reception
P.O. Box 101870
Denver, CO 80250
Make checks payable to: The Cable Center-LO 704 Meeting
Diamond $1000.00
Pink $704.00
Cobalt $500.00
Platinum, $400.00
Gold $300.00
Silver $200.00
Bronze $100.00

Theresa, John, Andy, Joe