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After a 2 year hiatus compliments of COVID the LO 704 will be meeting in Philadelphia at the SCTE Expo.  We ae planning a big event with lots of changes, lots of fun and lots of attendees.  It’s been a whiles since we have been together so please consider a sponsorship of the event and contribute to our success.

Once again we are looking to our former and new sponsors for our annual event. Please see the attached for sponsor information. We are seeking sponsors a little later this year as there was some discussion around whether or not to hold the event.  The decision was made to move forward so please sponsor our event and join us for the fun in Philly!

The Loyal Order of the 704 will be as usual roasting (inducting) new members this year at our meeting in Philadelphia. This year’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM At the Marriot.  We have chosen this night and this time so we do not conflict with any other EXPO event  and give you an excuse for not attending and humiliating (honoring) the proposed inductee’s..

We have some new fund raisers planned so this is an event you will not want to miss.  All are invited to attend and LO 704 members, please send your recommended nominee’s names to me a.healey5520@comcast.net   we will induct a maximum of ten. If you have any quality Cable Memorabilia, please bring it to the meeting and in addition to our new fund raiser we will auction it off. We will induct a maximum of ten new members, if we find that many qualified and alive.

Qualifications for membership are:

Membership in the Loyal Order is upon nomination by a current member, usually someone who knows you, holds a grudge against you, or is afraid of you.  The qualifications are 30+ years in the Cable System Business. Extreme Preference is given to Technical Operations, Engineering and/or the ability to tell great lies about how your actual or (alleged) use of a Jerrold 704 meter saved this or that from Nuclear Destruction, Asteroid Collision, Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake in Napa Valley, or other substantial embarrassment, and the strong desire to wear a Pink Flamingo Cap and kiss Pinky somewhere on Pinky’s body at the induction ceremony.


Andy Healey

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