2005 LO Meeting Information

Everyone get ready for the 2005 Loyal Order of the 704 meeting in San Antonio.

This year I will return to accepting nominations from the floor. Sally Kinsman was right about this one. Last year, many of the inductees and their sponsors did not show up on time and that threw the evening off a little bit. Pinky and I will still expect the sponsors to be ready with their reasons why their candidates should be inducted. And the candidates should be ready to fabricate some good reasons for their membership.

Graham Stubbs has informed me that he will have copies of his article on the history of the 704 meter which will be given to each member as a keep-sake from the Loyal Order dinner. And, not only will we have the 704 meter from Graham, I have learned that one of our Ohio SCTE members will be bring a practically band new 704 (still in the box it came in) to auction off. Remember all proceeds go to The Cable Center’s elevator shaft and is given in the name of our Industry-Father, Ken Simmons.

Pinky’s excited!

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