2004 LO-704 Evening & Dinner


At the 2004 LO-704 Meeting in Orlando, the Loyal Order will accept nominations for new members. A member can make o­nly o­ne nomination. I will require a resume via email from both the nominator and the nominee in advance. The nominator’s resume should show the qualifications of the nominator – giving reasons why the nominator should be recognized for his or her industry background. The nominee’s resume should define why the nominee is qualified to join such an august group.

Both resumes should be emailed to tvrex@cox.net no later than May 1st, 2004. Nominees will then be qualified and presented to the attendees at the meeting for induction ceremonies during the festivities.

If there are further questions, either Pinky or I can be reached at 480-699-1538…..Rex Porter, LO-704

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