Thank You Sponsors for the 2013 Annual Meeting Contributions


opXL                          Diamond      $1000.00

4cable TV                 Cobalt            $500.00

NX Utilities               Cobalt            $500.00

Aurora                       Gold               $300.00

BIAC Broadband     Silver              $200.00

CPE Plus                   Bronze           $100.00

KGP Logistics          Bronze           $100.00

Tarpon Comm.          Bronze           $100.00


We are in need of sponsorship for the Loyal Order of the 704 SCTE Meeting to be held at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta Wednesday October 23, 2013, please let me know if OPLX is willing to be one of our sponsors this year.

 Sponsors logo’s will be posted on literature and prominently displayed at the annual meeting.  Please send donations to:

Lori Bower
Vice President, National Conferences
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE)
140 Philips Rd, Exton, PA 19341-1318
Phone: 610-594-7322 • Cell:
SCTE: Your source for professional development, information, certification and standards.
“Communications powered by the sun; system by Alpha.”

 About the Loyal Order of the 704

Membership in the Loyal Order is upon nomination by a current member, usually someone who knows you, or is afraid of you.  The qualifications are 30+ years in the Cable System Business,  Preference to Technical Operations and Engineering and/or the ability to tell great lies about how your (alleged) use of a Jerrold 704 meter saved this or that from nuclear destruction or other substantial embarrassment, and the strong desire to wear a Pink Flamingo cap and kiss Pinky  somewhere on Pinky’s body) at the induction ceremony.  All donations and funds raised from the annual auction are donated to the SCTE Foundation.



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