Jerrold 220, SN 1148

This isn’t a 704 but at least it’s in the same case. Would anybody have a manual for one of these? I sure could use a copy or a scanned copy. Thanks



Nice sweep generator. Do you know what sweep receiver was used with this unit????


don’t think they had sweep receivers back in those days. Although that was before my time. :-) I’m sure it was mostly used on the bench to sweep actives and passives. It has two connections for a basic setup, one goes to the horizontal on the O-scope the RF out goes to the device under test, then to a detector and to the vertical on the scope. I have this one set up on a bench and it works great. There is alot of other test you can do with it if you have the right equipment, the Old cable equipment museum has some good articles about the sweep setups if your interested. … index.html

I will attach a picture of it hooked up, still have some equipment I need to acquire.


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