Honoring Keneth Alden Simons

To honour Keneth Alden Simons, a new coat of arms has been created by his daughter Dona Simons and can be found above. You can also read more about him on his wikipedia page, created by his late son, Kurt Simons.

Below is a description about the coat of arms from Dona:

“In case you didn’t notice the motto on the coat of arms, I thought maybe I should explain. It’s “Hastile eis Demus.” I got this from my husband’s nephew who was a Latin scholar(now he’s a lawyer). The rough translation I get from Google is “And the shaft of them, Let us give.” Not exactly what I was aiming for, but close. I was inspired by what someone said was the reason the 704 gave the Cable Center an elevator, that engineers were always given the shaft. A sentiment my father would have been the first to agree with!”

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